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CTK Math Games For Kids

Games, Puzzles and Activities

This site presents a collection of games and puzzles with mathematical contents and a few practice exercises disguised as games.

There are a few games whose purpose is to allow for a relaxation period before or after taking up the mathematical challenges. One does have to relax from time to time.

Farmer and wife to catch rooster and hen. Sam Loyd's puzzleFarmer and Wife To Catch Rooster and Hen Coins are arranged in a chain and removed from either end. The player with the larger amount wins.
Coin Game
Reassemble the body of a caterpillar by placing its segments in the right orderMetric measurement units By adding positive or negative weights on either side attained a ballanceAlgebra on a two sided balance
Flip a fixed number of items at a time, but eventually flip  all of themFlipping Items Simultaneously Make blue and red horses swap their places4 Knights
Make all the calculations before the wolf catches the rabbitArithmetic operations By picking the right combination of vectors help the joker climb up to the ballVector operations
3D Toc Tac Toe4×4×4 Tic Tac Toe The silver dollar game - one of the combinatorial fascinationsSilver Dollar Game
However you tile the hexagon with rhombi, the number of rhombi of each orientation is the sameTiling a Triangulated Hexagon Turning turtles - another combinatorial gameTurning Turtles
Mastermind with variable number of holes, colors, and other modificationsMasterMind SuperNim - 2D variant of the gameSuperNim
3-Chain - place three chips in a row and win3-Chain Computer plays Mastermind. Watch outComputer Mastermind
Northcott's game - a classic combinatorial entertainmentNorthcott's game Relabel the mislabeled boxesBox Labels
Calendar magic and a very good arithmetic exerciseCalendar Magic Peg solitairePeg Solitaire
The fish soup game. It's all about different representationsFish Soup Game Grundy's gameGrundy's Game
A puzzle simulation of Josephus Flavius's storyJosephus Flavius' Game Looping chips: can you arrange them in a different order?Looping Chips
Built, print, solve a mazeCreate and print out mazes The jumping frogs and toads are to exchange placesToads And Frogs Puzzle
A tromino puzzle and theoryTromino Puzzle A curious isoperimetric theoremAn Isoperimetric Theorem
Play and learn about barcodes, ISBN and other encodingsBarcode Magic A Monty Hall SimulationWho needs Monty?
Sierpinski gasket by trema removalSierpinski gasket by trema removal Iterated Functions System: design and draw fractalsIterated Functions System
Parrondo's Paradox: two losing games combine into a winning oneParrondo's Paradox The Japanese Soroban, but in various number systemsSoroban in Various Number Systems
Suan pan: the Chinese abacusSuan Pan in Various Number Systems Have you seen impossible things?An impossible structure
Color Balls: a logic gameColor Balls An old puzzle: get wolf, goat and cabbage to the other river shoreAn old puzzle
Concentration: a memory gameMemory Sam Loyd's FifteenSam Loyd's Fifteen
The Full House PuzzleFull House Sliding Coins PuzzleSeven Coins Puzzle
Mirror MazeMirror Maze A Broken CalculatorA Broken Calculator
Hare and HoundsHare and Hounds

... and dozens more ...

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